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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:19

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Kopana in Diyarbakir to walk in solidarity with the people of the group you want to edit the police intervened.

Diyarbakır news: Events in a short time the city's various districts spread in Diyarbakir shopping malls for the first time calls for a boycott by adhering to the shutters did not open .
Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) Diyarbakir province organization , Isidor's Kobani'nin attack to protest and Kopana with people in Diyarbakir on his call for solidarity shutters opened. With the beginning of the solution process for about 2 years in the city where the call to the closing of the shutters participation was intense . The shopping centers in the city to call for the first time , stimulating the shutters were open . Primarily to the Municipality's public transport , including some school buses and special public transport in the contact closes .
the other hand, the DBP county organization with the organization Roboski Monument in front of the group came together , chanting slogans, the AK Party wanted to walk Kayapınar county organization . However, the group cut the front of the police , DBP, in his interview with the district manager , walkers are not allowed on the grounds that the lawless said. Meeting lasted about half an hour behind the audience , want to continue to walk streets were entering . The police intervened with tear gas into the crowd . Following the intervention of events appeared in other parts of the city . Bonding majority in the district came together in the streets at a young age groups , setting up roadblocks , and threw stones at police . Police also used tear gas and water cannons with groups intervened. Depending on the Martyrdom town of Larissa similar events took place in the neighborhood .
Event is underway in some parts of the city .

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